This is a session at Innov8rs New York, 1 August 2019

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Everyday Chaos: Creating Ritual To Stay Ahead of Change

The world around us is changing constantly. From shifting consumer needs and behaviors to disruptive new technologies, and an ever-fluctuating political and regulatory climate – it can feel an overwhelming ask to make sense of it all, never mind get ahead of it.

At Board of Innovation, we believe that businesses shouldn’t try to simply future-proof themselves against external change, but rather learn to embrace and adapt to it through new rituals, routines, and mindsets designed to make change visible and eliminate as much of the unknown as possible. Come hear how everyday chaos can be your secret innovation weapon in the race for relevancy.

Jennifer Tsitsopoulos

Innovation Consultant at Board of Innovation

Jennifer is experienced in helping big brands act small, future-proofing businesses for tomorrow, shaping innovative solutions, and transforming insight and foresight into actions.

Jennifer has 10 + years of experience, working across a number of industries. She previously worked at Saatchi & Saatchi and Sparks & Honey as director client strategy. As a Sr consultant she developed winning proposals containing strategic solutions for brands like GM, Samsung, Google, Vans, Telstra, J&J, Miller Coors, Bayer, U.S. Dairy and MetLife.