This is a session at Innov8rs New York, 1 August 2019

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Innovation Metrics That Matter

Do you know which 6 elements are vital to ignite, spread and manage innovation? This workshop will provide you with a concrete framework, exploring the boundaries of an innovation ecosystem within corporations. We will discuss innovation metrics that matter and you will explore the innovation metrics of your own organization and compare with others.

Maaike Doyer

Strategy Designer and CFO at Business Models Inc.

Maaike is an expert in disrupting large corporations by helping them identify new business models and refine their strategies. Besides being a strategy designer, she is also in charge of managing her self-founded US offices in NY and SF and leading the global strategy for BMI as global CFO. Inspiring others with these learnings is another passion of Maaike. She has been teaching all across the globe as a professor at universities and MBA’s and has been a mentor for several startup accelerators. With her infectious energy, she is a regular speaker on management and innovation events.

About Business Models Inc. (BMI) – BMI works with leading organizations and project teams to develop the strategies, value propositions, and business models for the future. BMI is the producer of the best-seller books Business Model Generation (the business model canvas book) and Design a Better Business.