Innov8rs ParisApril 2019

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DisCo Date: No Bla, Just Do – Design your first Kickbox prototype!

David Hengartner (Swisscom)

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DisCo Date: Intrapreneurship: 10 Lessons From The Trenches

Susana Jurado (Telefónica)

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DisCo Date: Exponential Times: How Axel Springer Transformed For The Platform Economy

Sebastian Herzog (hy by Axel Springer)

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DisCo Date: How to Frame a Business Challenge for Corporate Startup Teams

Olivier Eudeline (Butagaz) & Franck Debane (Tango)

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Innovation Circle – How Ready Are You To Innovate?

Sofie Lindblom (Innovation360)

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If you would like to learn more about the Innovation Assessment reach out to Sofie at

Best Practices for Intrapreneurship and Collaborative Innovation

Céline Degreef (MyCrowdCompany)

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The Innovation Strategy Sprint: Decide Faster, Execute Smarter Alizee Chatenoud (Board of Innovation)

Alizee Chatenoud (Board of Innovation)

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Playbook for Corporate Venture Building

Martin Bell (Bell Ventures)

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Subscription Economy: Transition to Circular, Sustainable Business Models

Robbert van Geldrop (Firmhouse)

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Metrics for Measuring Innovation Health

Tristan Kromer (Kromatic)

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How to Survive the Corporate Startup Journey: the Ups & Downs

Leonard Bukenya (Aimforthemoon)

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Integrating Design Sprints: How To Get The Buy In

Brittni Bowering (AJ&Smart)

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Create A Movement: Boosting Internal Capabilities For Innovation & Change

Céline Schillinger (Kotter)

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CorpUp: Corporate and Startups Collaborating on Business Terms Nicolai Schättgen (MM Ventures)

Nicolai Schättgen (MM Ventures)

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Impactful Storytelling for Innovators & Disruptors

Susan Lindner (Emerging Media)

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Scaling Up: How to Turn Validated Innovation Concepts Into Business Impact

Frank Mattes (Innovation-3)

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Yogist – Well At Work

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Visualizations by Skadi Möbius and Marius Schwery

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