This is a session at Paris, 10 – 12 April 2019

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Digital Transformation: Culture, Collaboration & Competition

Benoit Legrand is Chief Innovation Officer of one of the global digital leaders in financial services: ING. The bank went through quite a journey since its launch of ING Direct, the first digital bank in the world, 20 years ago to the digital transformation to a banking platform it’s going through now.

How does a big organisation successfully creates a start-up culture and how do you implement a truly customer-centric mentality? What are the key elements an organisation has to deal with to make sure tens of thousands of employees transform as well? And how to deal with the competition of bigtech and smaller fintech companies?

Benoît Legrand

Chief Innovation Officer, ING
CEO ING Ventures

Benoît Legrand (49) began his career as an investment banker at Bank Bruxelles Lambert in 1994, before it became ING Belgium. He rejoined the Group a few years later, after founding his own start-up company in retail distribution.

Benoît has an extensive international experience within the ING Group having worked in Investment Banking, Retail and Private Banking covering diverse areas such as Marketing, Sales, Branch Distribution and Product Management in Belgium, Singapore, Poland, the Netherlands and France.

In 2007 he was appointed to the Executive Board of ING Nederland where he lead the total make-over of Private Banking and Securities and took an active part in the merger of Postbank and ING Bank.

He was appointed CEO of ING Direct France in 2010 and Country CEO ING France in 2013, after merging all retail, commercial banking and real estate activities in France into one single integrated entity.

In 2015, Benoît has been appointed President of ING Bank France and Global Head of FinTech and subsequently CEO of ING Ventures, ING’s EUR 300m Corporate Venture Capital arm, being instrumental in ING’s innovation leadership.

Since January 2018, Benoît is ING’s Chief Innovation Officer.

Benoît graduated in Economics from Catholic University of Leuven and in International Relations from the London School of Economics.