This is a session at Paris, 10 – 12 April 2019

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How to Frame a Business Challenge for Corporate Startup Teams

Corporate startup team get lost off-topic or get stuck on irrelevant problems because they are working a business challenge that is loosely defined. As a result, the team loses precious weeks, motivation and focus. Is the business challenge too broad, too narrow, too solution focused or too intangible? Have your teams too many goals, and too many or too little constraints?

Olivier and Franck will explore what makes a good starting point for those teams and how to get there, illustrated with real cases from Butagaz.

Olivier Eudeline

Head of Innovation at Butagaz

Franck Debane

co-founder at Tango

Olivier Eudeline is head of Innovation at Butagaz, a French Energy retailer. Through Zagatub, the group Innovation lab, Olivier is coordinating experiments around co-development of future business opportunities with external players active in the fields of Energy Transition   , Home well-being and Butagaz’ value chain. Prior to his current role, Olivier held various Supply Chain Management positions in Europe for Butagaz and Shell Lubricants.

Franck Debane has co-founded 2 startups and later worked for large companies AOL and the BBC. He now invests in startups and mentor startup founder to help them focus on what matters.

Franck recently co-founded Tango, with the mission to help large companies to articulate and execute their innovation effort globally. Franck is also co-founder of the Lean Startup Experience, the 11,000+ Lean Startup practitioners community in France.