This is a session at Paris, 10 – 12 April 2019

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How To Support Your Intrapreneurs: An Intrapreneurs' Perspective

Being an Intrapreneur still isn’t easy; despite the efforts of many companies to become more ‘intrapreneurial’. In this talk, David and Tim explore the pitfalls and difficulties of driving innovation and change in a major corporation when it is not necessarily ‘your job’ to do so. They’ll also talk about the hacks, learns, workarounds, mistakes, unexpected successes etc that have been learnt from the ‘front lines’ of intrapreneurship which can help you to support your own intrapreneurs.

David Spears

Strategy & Exploration, Corporate Transformation at Barclays UK Ventures

Tim Heard
Head of Intrapreneurship at Barclays

David is a creative and curious thinker, who uses his passion for innovation & people and his entrepreneurial drive, to push the boundaries on enabling social and environmental progress. David heads up Strategy in the Corporate Transformation team within Barclays UK Ventures, specialising in growing ‘Horizon 3’ innovations for the bank and clients.

David is also the Co-Founder of the Circle of Young Intraprenuers, a global movement empowering young, bright employees from the world’s biggest companies to innovate like entrepreneurs from inside their organisations – creating value for their business and driving social and environmental good simultaneously. The network has over 6000 members across 80 countries, and runs regular meet ups, hackathons and collaborative events in 20 cities around the world. He also co-founded Action Accelerator – an annual event in Silicon Valley to rapidly advance the scale and impact of young social entrepreneurs’ early ventures.

He cut his teeth as an accidental social intrapreneur upon joining Barclays in 2014, developing a digital solution that enabled customers to seamlessly donate to charities and causes they cared about, whilst driving client acquisition and customer retention. Prior to life at the bank, he spent time in start-up land in Europe and working in the field with the United Nations in Sri Lanka, after graduating from the University of Bristol and University College London.

Tim is an intrapreneurship evangelist and now finds himself as a globally recognised speaker, lecturer, author, and theorist on the topic with a particular interest in how it can create cultural, financial and people benefits for a company and impact society positively. Tim has recently been appointed as the Head of Intrapreneurship @ Barclays UK Ventures making his passion his ‘day job’

During his 7 years at Barclays Tim conceived, developed and delivered multiple major initiatives, acting as an intrapreneur, to transform company culture and improve colleague experience on top of a ‘day job’ as a change professional. These ranged from global talent swapping programmes to in-house ‘ted style’ speaker programmes to a major social intrapreneurship project – Barclays Roundup. Alongside, because of, and in support of this passion Tim co-founded the Circle of Young Intrapreneurs in January 2016 – now the world’s largest network of Social Intrapreneurs – with over 6000 members hailing from over 80 countries around the world. As well as graduating from the Intrapreneur Lab @ Oxford University and the highly innovative UNleash incubator process Tim is currently studying for his masters in Social Innovation @ Cambridge. Tim is also honoured to have been selected as a One Young World Ambassador; the world’s leading forum for young leaders.