This is a session at Paris, 10 – 12 April 2019

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Ignore Coders At Your Peril! - Why Every Business Should Invest In Developer Relations

Not very long ago, software developers were primarily seen as smart people that were too idiosyncratic and unsociable to have much influence in business. With the rise of Cloud technology and Open Source software, that’s all changed with developers now being one of the most important assets a business has, regardless of what industry it is in. In this talk, I’ll explore the power that software developers have to shape product and user experiences like never before, and how you can embrace this critical digital talent to help your business strike back against disruption.

Angela Bates

Programmes Leader at IBM Developer Ecosystems Group

Born to a family of entrepreneurs and co-founder of two businesses Angela has a passion for innovation. Today she has the privilege of helping developers no matter where they work, be successful with IBM technologies. Angela formulates programmes that build trust and respect via developer advocacy, promotes corporate-to-startup engagement, builds relationships with technical community influencers and defines activities that create new digital routes to market.