This is a session at Paris, 10 – 12 April 2019

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Ingenium By Celsa Group: 9000 People Pushing for Change

Ingenium is a corporate of 9000 people. And they know their talent is in-house. Yet their bureaucracy and procedures were starting to prevent them from positioning ourselves where they wanted to be.

As a response they launched Ingenium: a talent support program that includes open innovation and intrapreneurship. In Ingenium for intrapreneurs they train and foster the potential of our employees. In Ingenium Open innovation they support intrapreneurs with technology and speed coming from external companies.

In this talk, Nuria will share what they’ve done and what they’ve learned so far, as well as the reasons why Ingenium has become the channel to turn innovation into a cultural change in Celsa Group.

A good specialized crazy team is great, but 9000 people pushing for change are unbeatable!

Nuria Balogun Ortiz

Business Designer & Innovation Lead at Celsa Group

Vocational solution finder, she opened her own studio after getting my architecture degree in 2005. Born in Barcelona, she has lived learnt and laughed in Nigeria, London and Brazil.

Convinced of the complementarity between architecture and Service Design. MD in
business strategy, MD in innovation and design management, MD in Service Design.
Coming from a multilingual, multiracial, multinational and multireligious and
multicultural family still helps me nowadays to have crystal clear that there are at least lots of different ways of understanding the same thing.

She serves as Innovation MD Director and is part of Celsa Group´s innovation Department with the role of Business Design Strategist.

Nuria lives innovation as mindset of moving forward with transparency, cooperation and
empathy providing constant and objective results in uncertain environments while
sharing knowledge, improving people´s life and having fun.