This is a session at Paris, 10 – 12 April 2019

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Leonard by Vinci

Leonard is the name of the approach launched in 2017 by VINCI, a global leader in the construction and concessions businesses, to help the Group identify new growth drivers and support the development of our business lines in a changing world.

Our mission is to explore prospective scenarios on the evolution of all activities of VINCI. We provide our collaborators and partners with the keys to better understand the uses, trends and innovations that shape territories and transform our activities.

Leonard is also developing programmes for the incubation and acceleration of innovative projects. Since 2017, Leonard’s intrapreneurship program has already assisted 32 in-house intrapreneurs from VINCI through 3 year groups. 5 of which have already given rise to new activities and businesses within the VINCI Group.

Visitors will be greeted by Nathalie Martin-Sorvillo, Head of Innovative Projects, at Leonard:Paris, the brand new working space dedicated by VINCI to the future of cities and infrastructures. Nathalie will give a presentation of VINCI’s intrapreneurship program and introduce a sample of intrapreneurs whose projects are incubated and accelerated by Leonard.

Nathalie Martin-Sorvillo

Head of Innovative Projects, at Leonard:Paris