This is a session at Paris, 10 – 12 April 2019

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Playbook for Corporate Venture-Building

In this highly interactive workshop, you will learn the secret to building successful ventures from the perspective of a corporate — based on Martin Bell’s unparalleled experience. More specifically, you will learn the essence of each of the 3 Stages of his “100 Task Playbook”:

  1. Setup
  2. Launch
  3. Scale

You will vote to decide which of the 100 tasks we explore in greater depth together. We will apply those tasks to help answer your most pressing questions on venture-building.

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Martin Bell

Founder and CEO at Bell Ventures GmbH

Martin Bell is a global venture-building advisor and creator of the “100 Task Playbook”, a revolutionary step-by-step guide for successful company-building. As Founder & CEO of Bell Ventures, he advises major private and public sector entities on how to build new ventures at lightning speed.

He was the chief architect of Rocket Internet’s 100 day launch process, through which he led 20 startups. He also scaled 30 companies. That gave him experience across all functions, from day 1 to IPO. Prior to this, he studied at Wharton and Harvard.

Martin’s fundamental belief is that success in venture building is not a matter of luck, but something that can be triggered by following a step-by-step process – which he can teach, and you can learn.