This is a session at Paris, 10 – 12 April 2019

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The Brutal Fun Of Building A Corporate (Co-) Innovation Program

Innovation has become a key competitive edge just next door to true customer centricity. The changes required to lead are substantial for every large organization. This session will share a number of hard learnings across Innovation Methodologies, Programs and Mindsets – and why it is still worth it. And if you have ever wondered what the role of your organization is in all this, and what co-innovation is about, then this is for you.

Michael Bednar-Brandt

Head of Business Innovation at Oracle NEXT

Michael has seen it all – startup, small digital agency, mid-sized international company, and global powerhouse. Today he is Head of Business Innovation at Oracle NEXT, the international co-innovation program of technology giant Oracle. As a frequent speaker and passionate change maker Michael lives in Vienna, works international and thinks global. He also loves Paris – but who wouldn’t?