This is a session at Paris, 10 – 12 April 2019

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The Innovation Cluster, A Creativity Catalyzer And Accelerator At The Heart Of Thales Alenia Space’s Strategy

Thales Alenia Space has launched in 2014 the Innovation Cluster, an adhoc organization tuned to develop the culture of innovation and drive a pipeline of innovative ideas.

Focusing on disruptive innovation, a process has been put in place to explore new concepts. In addition to dedicated means, a dedicated venture program has been implemented to accelerate the growth of the most promising concepts.

Cedric Balty

Vice President Innovation at Thales Alenia Space

Cedric Balty was appointed Vice President Innovation at Thales Alenia Space in 2014.

His mission is to prepare the future of the company with new concepts generating growth and competitiveness, and to broadly develop the innovation culture and the creativity of the employees. Cedric is managing the Innovation Cluster, a generator and accelerator of disruptive concepts, open to all employees.

In 2014, he was part of the winning team for the Thales Innovation Awards. Starting in 1993, he held several positions at Thales Alenia Space, from manufacturing to tendering and program management.