This is a session at Paris, 10 – 12 April 2019

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Turning Your Corporate Assets in New Ventures and Opportunities

What if the businesses of tomorrow already exist within your company?

At the beginning of any large enterprise, there is an entrepreneurial founding energy. Every company possess untapped resources and entrepreneurial assets just waiting to be revealed. It’s simply a question of rediscovering that drive and orienting it towards new directions

During a hands-on session, we’ll introduce our new Within® framework and share case studies that illustrate how “best-in-class” players are succeeding in using an asset-focused approach to drive adjacent innovation. Rather than waiting around for your big break, we’ll work hand-in-hand, step-by-step to transform dormant assets into real opportunities.

Chloé Bonnet

Co-Founder/CEO at Five By Five

Chloé Bonnet is the architect behind various intrapreneurship and open innovation programs, including 66 Miles, an accelerator program for female intrapreneurs. She is an open data pioneer in France, and co-authored a book on the topic. She also has a cat named Five.