They need your support. We help them find you.

Most large companies are now taking innovation seriously.

They’re implementing labs, training, and programs. They’re creating dedicated innovation functions. They’re building cross-functional groups and networks to support their innovation agenda.

There’s more talk – and action – but many aren’t yet getting the results they expected. They need support, and we can help them find you.

Our partnership packages offer you unique opportunities to effectively engage with our audience of 35,000+ corporate innovators.

On stage during our Global Summits and Events, as well as online via our newsletter, website and learning platform.

We don’t believe in sponsorship.

We will not accept your money in exchange for logo placement because it simply doesn’t drive an ROI.

Instead we are looking for co-creators to deliver the type of (different) innovation conference experience our participants love.

You’ll find details on our audience and our offerings in our partnership brochure. Let us know more about you and your business, and if there’s a match with our goals and values we’ll send you all info via email in prep for a call.

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We’d love to promote your work.

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Hans Balmaekers

Hans Balmaekers
Director, Innov8rs.co


Loved by participants.


// Hands down the best conference I’ve had the luxury of attending.
I have so many more great people in my world now and have a brain bursting with new ideas and concepts to explore.

// All the sessions I participated in were amazing.
Honestly, it’s very rare to attend a conference with so much enthusiasm and also the fact that it’s truly peer 2 peer.

// Amongst all conferences I’ve been to, #IntraCnf ranks up there.
Partly because of the great speakers and content; mostly because of the well curated group of corporate innovators and interaction between them.

// A big acknowledgement for the only conference format I have been to that actually created meaningful impact with me.

// #Intracnf Stockholm was the most varied and beneficial conference I’ve attended over the past 15 years.

// It was truly incredible to no longer feel isolated.
The community development and networking were top notch.