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Here’s a glimpse of past events:


By now, most companies are running some type of innovation program to launch new products and services, bring in new skills and mindsets and change the company culture. Not all efforts are leading to the desired results. During the Singapore event, we focused on getting actual results from your innovation program – beyond just playing innovation theatre.

We welcomed an amazing tribe of “hungry” mavericks and innovators from companies like Nestlé, Solvay, Cargill, Kaspersky, J&J, Philips, Prudential, Samsung, HP, Kaspersky, Fung Group, Coty, Oracle, Unilever, Mahindra & Mahindra, Titan, Google, AXA, DHL, HSBC, Experian, PWC, Danone, Abbott, Vodafone, Merck and more, for 2 days of learning and networking.

January 2018


November 2017

This is where the crazy people go. 250+ corporate innovators from 25+ countries gathered for 3 days of learning and networking.

On the agenda? Talks by experts like Larry Keeley and Idris Mootee, case studies by innovators from brands like Manulife, Allstate, ExxonMobil, Bayer, LEGO, Mattel, The Globe & Mail and CIBC, field trips to innovation labs at RBC, Scotiabank, Cisco and SAP, and several hands-on breakouts on everything corporate innovation from A to Z. Oh, and chickens and dinosaurs as a bonus.


Failing accelerators, lack of alignment and disengaged teams- we talked raw truths about what’s not working, and celebrated what does work. We heard intrapreneur case studies from 25+ intrapreneurs, saw innovation in action at Google, 3M and Ericsson, and dove into dozens of frameworks, methods, tools and techniques.

But above all, it was the tribe of 225+ innovators keen on sharing, collaborating and learning that made #IntraCnf Stockholm a one-of-a-kind experience.

May 2017

Silicon Valley

November 2016

We welcomed 225+ corporate innovators from leading brands around the world to Silicon Valley, for 3 days filled with talks, case studies, field trips, workshops, social events and lots, lots, lots of conversations.

We were pleased to feature on stage intrapreneurs from Adobe (Kickbox), Cisco (Innovate Everywhere), GE (FastWorks), Intuit, Pearson, Intel, Microsoft, SAP, Samsung, Schneider Electric, LOWE’s and several other leading brands.


September 2016

Intrapreneurship done right leads to better innovation faster, creating and capturing opportunities for growth. Yet as innovators in a traditional corporate environment, there are many nuts to crack and battles to fight.

We addressed topics like enablers and success factors for intrapreneurship from idea to venture, aligning with existing operations and current brand assets, establishing a culture of innovation, supporting corporate start-ups to scale up as well as collaboration with startup ecosystems and corporate venturing.

Waterloo RegionMontréalChicago

June 2016


May 2016

Too many projects are just that – projects. They aren’t delivering sustainable results, or results aren’t scalable. Too many intrapreneurial initiatives fail, because of all kinds of reasons, yet mostly linked to how intrapreneurship is (not) embedded in the rest of the organization.

During Intrapreneurship Conference #7, we discovered the good, the bad and the ugly of intrapreneurship, and explored how intrapreneurship can effectively drive innovation and growth in today’s complex environment.