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Since 2011, we’ve hosted intimate, immersive, and impactful gatherings to help corporate innovators understand best practices, experiment with new methods and tools, and to learn essential skills. Above all, to connect and collaborate with peers from other companies and industries.

Our events are different. You won’t sit, listen and fall asleep. No boring panels or endless startup pitches. You’ll get to work on your challenges in hands-on workshop. You’ll have tons of conversations with others who also get it.

If you have innovation in your title, or innovation as a mindset, this is your tribe.

Loved by participants, trusted by brands.

Here’s a glimpse of the 25 events we’ve hosted in some of the world’s most vibrant innovation hubs.

Brussels  //  Paris  //  Barcelona  //  Eindhoven  //  London  //  New York  // Amsterdam  //  Munich //  Waterloo Region  //  Montreal  //  Chicago  //  Silicon Valley  //  Vienna  //  Stockholm  //  Cape Town  //  Toronto  //  Singapore  //  Tel Aviv  //  Atlanta  //  Madrid  //  Los Angeles // Sydney // Bangkok // Miami // Paris


April 2019

Los Angeles

June 2018


May 2018


March 2018

Tel Aviv

February 2018


January 2018


November 2017

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May 2017

Silicon Valley

November 2016

Waterloo Region //Montréal //Chicago

June 2016


May 2016


March 2016

New York

October 2015


May 2015

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If you have innovation in your title, or innovation as a mindset, this is your tribe.

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