Scaling-Up is ‘Death Valley’ for many innovation concepts.

But done right, a corporate start-up has the resources of a
large company and the entrepreneurial momentum of a small one.

So, how to get it right?

Frank Mattes and Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr worked with leading companies to identify  and co-create best practices on scaling up, as now published in the book Scaling Up Corporate Startups.

You can now work with Frank and Ralph directly to become excellent at scaling up through a 2-day Masterclass and a 6-months Peer Group.

Your Experts

Frank Mattes

‘Without excellence in Open or Digital, non-incremental innovation will not work. Without excellence in Scaling-Up, all ideation and Validation is just a costly hobby.’

After studying Applied Mathematics in Germany and in the USA, Frank collected more than 15 years of experience in managing projects and innovation. He worked for specialized medium-sized national consulting companies as well as for The Boston Consulting Group. Additionally he was working at C-level for a greenfield startup, an IT firm and a Professional Services firm.

Frank is also contributing editor at InnovationManagement, the leading online magazine for innovation management practitioners. He wrote several books, numerous articles and is a frequent speaker at highly prestigious conferences.

Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr

‘Modern Open and Digital innovation requires a Dual Innovation approach. We help you to design and implement it.’

Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr is an experienced and well-versed corporate innovation and development consultant. He held senior management positions at international companies across industries such as Thin Film/Semiconductor, Energy and Transportation.

In 2012, Ralph co-wrote with Frank a well-received article series on ‘Balancing Innovation via Organizational Ambidexterity’ with Frank. Therefore, the two can be considered pioneers in translating the previously in large part academic concept of Organizational Ambidexterity into practical relevance for companies.

Ralph is a distinguished Top 10 Innovation Blogger. He is German, living and working in Switzerland and holds a doctoral degree in Physics.

The Peer Group

The Peer Group offers you a process to systematically build in-depth knowledge, and a platform for targeted discussion with peers.

This is not just a course, but an intensive Learning-and-Sharing process within a small group of companies. You’ll meet a curated group of peers from other companies who are also working on increasing business impact from non-incremental innovation. Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to Best and Next Practices in Scaling-Up corporate startups.

Workshop 1: September 2019
  • Understand where the Scaling-Up problem comes from
  • ‘Areas of Tension’ between mothership and speedboat
Workshop 2: October 2019
  • Venture diagnostics
  • Best Practice in Validation
  • The Scaling-Up process
Workshop 3: November 2019
  • Collaboration between mothership and speedboat
  • Scaling up disruptive and/or business model innovations
Workshop 4: January 2019
  • Building the corporate capability / the Scaling-Up factory
  • Transfer plan: How your company could improve in Scaling-Up
Plus: 3 virtual sessions in between workshops

Particpation fee (if accepted): €4.800 for one seat or €8.500 for two seats

What Others Say

“Overall good process. Biggest value: Getting an overview how others handle start-ups, young companies and the respective setup & process.”
“Thanks to all of you for your valuable inputs, continuous motivation and the exceptional spirit and trust that have emerged among this group.”
“Great people, great insights and superb knowledge exchange, tackling real life problems. Thanks to all of you. We are looking forward to the next round.”
“Thank you, innovation-3, for orchestrating our group. The content discussed and produced is highly valuable. We should continue the work.”

The Masterclass

A compact 2-day Masterclass to provide you with an edge in how to scale up corporate startups

The masterclass presents the Best Practice framework for Scaling-Up of corporate startups. It provides clear and actionable guidance on how to improve the business impact of your company‘s non-incremental innovation

This Masterclass does not show what you could do. You learn what you should do and when.

Plus: 2 hours of post-workshop remote coaching

Particpation fee: €2.800 for one seat or €4.500 for two seats

Day 1: 23 October
  • Understand the Scaling-Up problem
  • ‘Areas of Tension’ between mothership and speedboat
  • Venture diagnostic
  • The framework for excellence
  • Best Practice in Validation
  • Exercise / Peer Coaching
  • The Scaling-Up process
  • Evening event / Networking
Day 2: 24 October
  • Pathways to Scaling-Up
  • Collaboration between mothership and speedboat
  • Designing touch points
  • Exercise: The Collaboration agreement
  • Helpful strategies, tactics and tools
  • Making the case for change
Plus: 2 hours of post-workshop remote coaching

Particpation fee: €2.800 for one seat or €4.500 for two seats