This is a session at Innov8rs Shanghai, 26-27 June 2019

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Corporate Acceleration: Differences Between China and Europe

Startup Collaboration with MNCs in China and in the West: differences and lessons learnt. Yongquin Zeng will extract the lessons learnt from implementing the same acceleration program in Europe and in China.

We will learn that innovation in China does not always have the same criteria for success as in the West, and we will deep dive into the most common assumptions and obstacles that multinational corporations face when establishing acceleration programs in China.

Yongquin Zeng

Senior director at Philips

Yongqin Zheng is a senior business lead in innovation and R&D with vast experience in MedTech. Currently, she is the Lead of the Philips HealthWorks Startup Program scouting, selecting and building collaboration with the top-notch Chinese startups in specific fields of interest for Philips.