This is a session at Innov8rs Shanghai, 26-27 June 2019

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Developing Intrapreneurs to Create a Culture of Innovation

Companies are increasingly turning to intrapreneurship as a viable innovation strategy. This means tapping into your most entrepreneurial employees and developing them into top innovators that can go way beyond just design thinking and creativity sessions. Jan Kennedy, CEO of the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE), will reveal key lessons learned (Bayer, Allianz, BMW) on how they have scaled their intrapreneurship development activities. Jan will dive into the phases of innovation, intrapreneurial personality traits, experiment goals, prototype funds and portfolio metrics. This talk will leave you inspired and informed about your role in making innovation sustainable and scalable.

Jan Kennedy

Founder & CEO at AfCE

Jan Kennedy is an expert in intrapreneurship program design. As CEO at the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE) he oversees the design and implementations of various intrapreneurship programs covering different stages of the innovation process for many Fortune 500 organizations. For five years he was also a director at the Founder Institute, the world’s largest mentoring program for early-stage entrepreneurs, launching over 1,000 companies per year with a 72% survival rate. Jan experienced first-hand how belief in intrapreneurship could unlock huge value for organizations – he unlocked USD 1 billion for Intel as an intrapreneur.

Jan, who was born in Germany, grew up in the UK and has lived and worked in Silicon Valley, Vienna, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Munich, loves working with AfCE’s team of diverse global mentors. He can be found on stage at intrapreneurship or innovation conferences or down in the trenches with corporate start-up teams, testing and validating critical assumptions. Jan also runs an investment fund focused on start-ups and cryptocurrencies.