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Kick-Starting Innovation in a Subsidiary

When we set up the Innovation Office at Porsche China we quickly identified the need to obtain buy-in from all levels in the organization – our staff, our local executives, as well as our headquarters. Over a 12 month period we have conducted stakeholder interviews, learning tours, as well as bespoke communication campaigns. Let us share with you what we have done and learned.

Janice Tsang

Senior Innovation Manager at Porsche

Janice leads the innovation team in Porsche China, the single largest market of the Porsche group. Janice was born in Hong Kong and educated in Oxford and London, England before returning to Asia for her legal career specializing in white-collar crime litigation and investigation.

In 2014, Janice joined Porsche China and established the Compliance Department. In 2017 a new Strategy & Business Department was set up and Janice was tasked to lead the innovation team. Driven by her passion for people excellence, she was recently appointed as Communication and Engagement Lead for the Porsche China new headquarter relocation to foster culture change. Janice speaks English, Mandarin, and French. She enjoys contemporary dance and jazz music.