Innov8rs SydneySeptember 2018

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Innovation Circle – How Ready Are You To Innovate?

Peter Glasheen (Stratovation)

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From Post-it To Prototype in 90 Minutes

Robin Scarborough (Deloitte Digital)

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The People Side of Innovation

Denise Meyerson (FourSight)

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How to Get Your Experiments Live Quickly And Pre-empt All The Innovation Killers

Robbert van Geldrop (Firmhouse)

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Disruptive Problem Solving: How Your Problem May Be Your Sweetest Asset

Rachel Audigé (Systematic Inventive Thinking)

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The Science Of Creativity

Nick Skillicorn (

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The Art Of Creative & Candid Conversations

Janet Sernack

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Community-led Approach: Embedding A Sustainable Innovation Culture

Janett Egber (Centre for Intrapreneurship)

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Learnings from Accelerating Innovation at Lendlease

Jasna Sims (Lendlease)

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KPMG Collaboration Masterclass

Nyk Loates

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New Power, Old Power and The Emerging Future

The Groove Collaborators

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