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Community-led Approach: Embedding A Sustainable Innovation Culture

Regardless of preferred tools, frameworks or methodologies; Individuals are those who lead change. And in large organisations, they don’t work alone – they need to build momentum, get people on-board & build a community around them to embed a real culture of innovation.

As the co-Founder of the Centre for Intrapreneurship & lead Catalyst for the Melbourne Chapter of the Global League of Intrapreneurs; Janett will share practical examples from across sectors – covering how a community-led approach has enabled & supported innovation managers to develop sustainable & inclusive innovation cultures.

Janett Egber

Co-founder at Centre for Intrapreneurship

Janett Egber is a proud mother, an intrapreneur, a community builder and a change maker. She has over 20 years of professional experience across Innovation, Strategic Marketing, Customer Experience & Market Research.

For the past 10 years, she worked for two of Australia’s leading banks (NAB & ANZ) in different Senior Management roles, always as an intrapreneur at heart. Her most recent experience in Nab’s Innovation Lab (Nab Labs) led her to identify the significant challenges that Corporate Australia faces today when it comes to developing an innovation culture.

In mid-2017, Janett established her practice (Egber Group) focussing primarily on speaking, consulting and facilitation. Her vision is to drive a more sustainable culture of innovation through capability, community and connectivity.

Janett currently leads the Melbourne chapter for The Global League of Intrapreneurs – A learning community of changemakers working to transform business and systems from the inside.

Janett is a Graduate of the Melbourne Business School where she completed her Masters of Marketing and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She migrated twice, speaks fluently 3 languages and feels extremely fortunate to call Melbourne home.