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Disruptive Problem Solving: How Your Problem May Be Your Sweetest Asset

We all have ways of solving problems but we sometimes get stuck on trying to identify THE problem or tackling the root cause that may be unsolvable. Inventive thinking should bring huge degrees of freedom and more counter-intuitive ideas. I will share an approach to solving problems that will radically change the way you see problems.

You will learn :

  • To explore the world of the problem and unearth flawed assumptions
  • To build and break a problem causality chain using existing resources
  • To flip your problems using riddles and paradox so that they serve as resources in your solution
  • …that you are richer than you think.

This is the Systematic Inventive Thinking approach to problem solving. It is hugely inspiring and empowering. You’ll walk out with some sharp, edgy tools in your innovation toolbox.

Rachel Audigé

Director at SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking® Australia

Rachel is an Innovation & Brand Architect. She relishes the opportunity to work with organisations from all industries to help them build the capabilities and the ecosystems to challenge their default thinking and get more imaginative and meaningful results. Rachel harnesses 25 years in marketing internationally and is a senior facilitator in Systematic Inventive Thinking SIT); a powerful method that has been harnessed by over 1000 organisations around the world to achieve their innovation goals.

Drawing on a love for connection, teaching and stage theatre, Rachel is an engaging facilitator with a highly interactive & engaging style in her workshops and keynotes. She serves on the boards of Creativity Australia and the Produce Marketing Board, is an advisor for 2 startups, now mentors on the CSIRO ‘ON’ program and is an active member of The League of Intrapreneurs and Professional Speakers Australia.

Rachel has an MBA from Melbourne Business School (2015), a Maitrise in Political Economy from the Sorbonne and a Bachelor of Economics from University of Sydney.