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Driving Industry Wide Innovation - An Outsider's Journey

Industrial food production in the western world has developed with an incremental approach to innovation since taking the lead in feeding the world’s population post World War II. These pace of innovation needs to changes.

Brett Joined Wiley to establish the Business Advisory Unit, specifically, R&D and innovation and found an opportunity to bring outside thinking, technology and methodologies to very traditional industries, such as food production. In 2017 Wiley initiated a drive to reduce the impact that subjective and anecdotal decision making has on the food and agri-business sector by developing AI and Augmented Reality programs.

In “Driving industry wide innovation” Brett will cover how 70 years of entrenched operational and behavioural habits present opportunities for industry to reimagining their labour needs of the future. Using a blend of behavioural psychology, high-end hardware and fast prototyping, Wiley is gaining the attention of industry and has the potential to redefine how the Australian food and agri sectors deploy their labour forces and determine what is sent to market. Brett will present on running a nationwide program of stakeholder engagement with 15 industry bodies representing the food supply chain and the challenges of using bleeding edge AI and Augmented Reality to cast a vision for the future of food that will ensure the longevity of Australia’s reputation will remain as the envy of the world.

Brett Wiskar

R&D and Innovation Director at WILEY

Brett has spent the last 20 years in digital, technology and innovation in Australia and the UK. Prior to joining Wiley his entrepreneurial approach to innovation was used to drive business change and digital platform adoption across large corporates and government agencies across Australia.  He has worked with some of the largest brands in the country on their digital roadmap and innovation programs. He is a recipient of numerous awards and is a frequent speaker on the topics of innovation and technology.

At Wiley Brett’s role is to work with clients and project teams on diverse subjects such digital enablement, innovation, data (big & small), strategy, business models & the future of food industries & markets. He is responsible for Wiley’s Technology, Innovation, R&D and Data Consulting services and works with clients to drive efficiencies across their operations.