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Experience the Future of Work… Today @ Atlassian HQ

Atlassian has a mission to unleash the potential in every team, and that mission for them starts with their own teams. As part of this immersive session at Atlassian, we’re going to deep dive into two areas that they believe have a significant impact on team work.

You’ll get to spend time in their award winning office space and learn about the experiments they’ve run, and what they’ve learnt about creating inclusive, functional, fun, and engaging, office space. A space where you feel free to do the best work of your life. Atlassian’s own Work Futurist Dom Price will guide us through a session around how they see the Future of Work unfolding, and the practices that they’ve established that enable their teams to be highly effective, in the face of increased competition, complexity, growth, innovation, advances in tech, and across a globally distributed workforce.

As we know, software is eating the world, and with it, we’re seeing a shift in the role of the CIO. The idea of being a cost centre, and rolling out a few tools, belong in yesteryear. Modern IT leaders see themselves as integral to the business the operate in, and have an active role in helping break down silos to build collaboration, providing visibility to open up information and insights, and to role model effective ways of working through agile at scale.

We’re continually building our understanding of the way technology is changing the world, and the role of the IT leader, and we’d love to share some of what we’ve learnt to date, whilst hearing from YOU about what you’re experiencing. Sharing is caring.

Dom Price

Head of R&D at Atlassian

Born in the harsh Manchester Winter of ’77, Dominic has a career that has reached far and wide through Europe, US and Asia PAC. Today Dom is proud to work at Atlassian, a leading provider of team collaboration and productivity software, as the head of R&D program management where his responsibilities span five global R&D centres.

Dom was previously the general manager of program management for a global gaming company. He has also been a director at Deloitte, where he provided assurance and consulting services across the areas of project management, product management, IT systems and change management. Dom’s roles have spanned technology risk consulting, product development and program management across businesses in beverage, telco, manufacturing, software development and gaming.

A keen traveller, Dom has traversed over 50 countries so far, but after 12 years on these shores, he calls Australia home.