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Growth Mindset for the Future: Innovation as a Way of Learning, Creating and Mitigating Risk

Pulling together a coaching approach to an innovation culture it became clear that the language we use to talk about innovation triggers a threat response making it harder to achieve; fail often, fail fast, fail forward, it’s risky, it’s difficult and so on.

Jacqueline has done a u turn on this language and instead of reframing failure we have removed the words altogether in our collateral.

Innovation relies on experimentation and exploration through rapid iteration and each iteration provides an opportunity to learn which actually mitigates risk. Innovation is creative exploration and learning to achieve an outcome that adds value to people. Jacqueline offers insights into how she is applying new thinking to building a culture that fosters and enables innovation.

Jacqueline Linke

Manager of Innovation & Strategy at Sydney Trains

Jacqueline Linke has worked in Leadership, Culture and Innovation as a Speaker, Facilitator and Executive Coach consulting to major companies and organisations in the private and public sector across the Asia Pacific Region.

Jacqueline’s empowering approach in building culture through building leaders and realising individual’s potential, comes from years of coaching and facilitation in the public and private sector in all aspects of soft skills behavioural training including customer service, stakeholder management, communication skills, cognitive agility, emotional intelligence, storytelling, presentation skills, creative thinking, negotiation skills, influencing and leadership skills.

Jacqueline currently works as the Manager of Innovation & Strategy for Sydney Trains where she is responsible for designing and delivering an enterprise wide strategy aligned with Transport for New South Wales to spur innovation into every corner of the organisation.

Her responsibilities include building a culture enabling and fostering innovation; building capability for BAU innovation; driving innovation engagement across Sydney Trains; identifying opportunities for innovation; facilitating collaborative arrangements with inter-department, industry, and innovation experts; implementing systems and processes to sustain innovation at an enterprise level; driving the development of an innovation program; implementing strategies; and expediting innovation concepts and prototypes to co-create the future of transport.