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Hacking Your Organisation For Innovation & Growth

All organisations need to grow and change to thrive, yet we so often have trouble getting innovation on the agenda. Why, when your industry is evolving faster than ever before and your business is under constant threat from disruption, is innovation rarely taken seriously as part of the solution? It’s time to get creative and learn how to hack your organisation to drive growth, innovation and future-proof the business. In the course of a storied career driving growth from within multinationals across verticals, to co-founding startups and now leading the team at Bright Arena, Dougal Edwards has identified the key traits to successfully hacking organisations. You may be surprised by the findings and just how easily they can be used to hack your organisation for growth.

Dougal Edwards

Founder & CEO at Bright Arena

Dougal is a serial entrepreneur who is battle-hardened from driving growth in corporates, startups and within his own businesses. He’s recognised for his unique skin-in-the-game approach, and is equally comfortable operating from the top-down, bottom up, inside-out and outside-in. His clients include Telstra, CSIRO, Mars, Schweppes, Australia Post, Intel, Dulux, among others. Dougal serves as CEO of Bright Arena, which installs the tools of entrepreneurship and venture capital in companies to drive growth and innovation at scale. Bright Arena’s approach is extraordinary in that it only applies practices with its clients that it has itself adopted and tested, partnering with its clients to tailor these methods and instil the mindsets required for growth, innovation and lasting positive change.