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How To Create A Culture Where Innovation Thrives

It is universally recognised that innovation is key to growing a business. As such, creating a culture where innovation thrives is critical. However, when surveyed about what they think creates a culture of innovation, over 95% of business leaders get the answers wrong. They are basing their decisions on intuition rather than science.

Imogen will share with you the 14 key drivers to creating a culture of innovation – according to what has been scientifically proven. In a highly interactive keynote, you will get to see how closely their intuition matches with science.

In addition to the science,  Judy will share stories from some of the world’s most innovative organisations about how they are applying these principles.

You will leave with an understanding of:

  • the 14 drivers that matter when it comes to creating a culture of innovation
  • the top five most impactful areas where they should be focusing their innovation efforts
  • case studies and strategies from the world’s most innovative companies on how they are creating a culture where innovation thrives
  • practical ideas to unlock breakthrough thinking through creating the right type of working environment
Imogen Aitken

Innovation Consultant at Inventium

Imogen’s focus is working with organisations to develop staff capability in actually delivering on innovation. She has trained and mentored teams globally, and is most satisfied by delivering sustainable programs that leave clients fully equipped to tackle innovation opportunities themselves.

Imogen has a background in science communication and had her innovation epiphany during a stint working on a natural hazard warning system in the South Pacific. There she realised the importance of being truly customer led when designing new products and services – and she hasn’t looked back ever since.