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How To Promote Critical Thinking And Adaptability By Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindsets

In recent times, a number of pieces of important research have highlighted the need for – and importance of – enterprise capabilities for the future workplace. But how do we most effectively promote these capabilities across various areas of expertise or industries? One approach is through the development of entrepreneurship skills and mindset. In this hands-on workshop, you will be introduced to some practical methods that you can introduce to your team – from product to sales to operations – to drive greater entrepreneurship capabilities and thus a more equipped and adaptable team.

You will learn:

  • How to develop experiential learning experiences that foster entrepreneurial capabilities
  • How to set an entrepreneurship challenge and drive capability development
  • The key elements of an entrepreneurial mindset that are universally relevant

During the workshop you will develop your own experiential learning program for your organisation.

Dan Sleeman

Head of Learn at RMIT Activator

Dan works at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship. He heads up the learning and community team at RMIT Activator, that university’s entrepreneurship hub and accelerator program. Dan has worked in startup environments, universities and corporate. This work has focussed on designing and delivering experiential and progressive learning experiences which apply entrepreneurial and lean methodology, which places the student at the centre of the learning experience. Dan’s educational approach and philosophy centres around the use of entrepreneurship skill development as a tool for enterprise and transferable skill development such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. On the side he operates a co-woodworking space as his creative pursuit.