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Learnings from Accelerating Innovation at Lendlease

At Lendlease, we’re forward thinking and committed to delivering innovative, sustainable places. We care about our customers, people and the communities in which we operate. In her role as the Group Head of Innovation Culture, Jasna supports their businesses to repeatedly deliver the best, most innovative solutions for our customer’s evolving needs.  With dedicated innovation resources, an innovation framework and investment in the innovation discipline, they are providing even more support for innovation than ever. Over the last few years, they’ve focused on accelerating innovation by making it part of their strategy, strengthening our innovative culture and innovating with a purpose. Jasna will be sharing case studies and learnings from our innovation journey.

Jasna Sims

Group Head of Innovation Culture at Lendlease

Jasna has 20+ years’ experience in the property and construction industries; the past 17 of those have been working for Lendlease in the UK, the USA and now in Australia.  Though she is an architect, she has had a variety of roles, ranging from architecture, design management, project and programme management, value management, consulting and transformation.

One of her favourite quotes says that “your customers are rarely buying what you think that you’re selling”. So Jasna has spent a lot of her career seconded to her customer’s organisations, such as London Underground in the UK, BP in the US and the Commonwealth Bank in Australia to get a true understanding of her customer. Jasna gets energised about developing creative and innovative solutions.