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Learnings From [yellow tail] Category Extensions

In 2016 [yellow tail], the World’s most powerful wine brand and one of Australia’s most successful exporters, launched as a craft beer brand in the USA. Come and hear the rationale behind the move, how it performed and what we learnt about our organisation and our brand in the process.

Stuart Marsh

Innovation Manager at Casella

Everyone loves a good booze story and after 24 years in the industry Stu has plenty. With the full house of wine, beer and spirits, Stu has worked on some of the World’s largest alcohol brands including Stella Artois, Jim Beam and [yellow tail]. Stu started specialising in Innovation in 2010 and has created a wide range of new to World products as well as having a crack at his own start up. Please note: sorry, booze will not be supplied at Stu’s talk.