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Make Your Own Luck: How Open Innovation can Revolutionise your Product Incubator

Product Innovation often feels like a game of snakes and ladders – you take five steps forward, just to slide two steps back when something in your prototype reveals a hidden customer preference or challenge. Unlike the board game though, you don’t have to rely on luck in product development.

With a few core principles from the world of design thinking, a flexible prototyping capability, and a systematic way to track the maturity of your product ideas, you can dramatically increase your success rate. Join me for a talk on how we applied these tools to build nbn’s product incubator, and used it to explore the role of the nbn in the Internet of Things.

Streicher Louw

General Manager, New Business & Innovation at nbn™ Australia

Streicher leads nbn’s in-house product incubator, using design thinking and rapid prototyping to investigate and realise the benefits of a fully connected, digitally enabled Australia. Streicher’s team has successfully launched nbn™ products for the mobile, IoT and transportation markets, and continue to explore future applications of nbn’s network and capabilities.