// This is a session at Innov8rs Sydney, 25-27 September 2018

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New Power, Old Power And The Emerging Future

Power is the drive to achieve one’s purpose, to get a job done, to grow and get results. Intrapreneurs and innovators are constantly working with power; seeking to balance their own instincts for change with the power dynamics and people in their organisational cultures and hierarchies. Yet power is the elephant in the room, and often we feel stuck or hindered by entrenched ‘old power’ dynamics.

Explore with us through dialogue and experience based learning; your personal and collective relationships with power, how you work with its visible and harder to see dimensions, how you can transform power through collective ways of organising to make things happen, and how you can harness the ‘new power’ dynamics emerging within organisations and in the wider world that reflect deeper systemic tensions and opportunities.

The Grove

The Grove is a collaboration of experienced innovators, intrapreneurs, organisational change agents, musicians, futurists, founders and leaders who are experimenting with evolving the innovation mindset to support generative notions of growth and power, innovating how we gather with next practices in how we connect, collaborate, co-create and cooperate and fostering a culture of innovation by harnessing our collective creativity and expanding beyond the product innovation team. Facilitators will include Vanessa Alexander, David Pointon and other members of the collective.