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Outcome Focussed Collaboration

Somewhere on the continuum between the one-on-one sit-down and the many-to-many online platform, lies that sweet spot – where the magic happens. It’s a function of a multitude of inputs – the physical environment, the programmed interactions, the words and minds that shape the experience.  It is about Outcome Focussed Collaboration

Outcomes. Decisions. Alignment, Ownership, Actions.

  • Tour of the workspace – 2 years ago KPMG moved from a traditional office based environment to an activity based office space in Barangaroo.  The move was designed to match the culture of innovation within the firm which really comes to life in the KPMG Innovation Lab where the masterclass takes place.
  • Imagine and Design Exercise – Ultimate Design
  • Why Outcome Focused Collaboration is important (Speed to value, the creative process)
  • How KPMG design Outcome Focused Collaboration
  • What we do to deliver outcome based collaboration (Elements of facilitation)
  • Individual perspectives exercise – allowing participants to play with the information they have been given
  • Debrief on key insights
Nyk Loates

Director, Designer and Facilitator at KPMG’s Global Design Accelerator – U-Collaborate

Nyk Loates is the Director, Designer and Facilitator for KPMG’s Global Design Accelerator – U-Collaborate.  He has over 18 years’ experience of using collaborative design and facilitation methods designed to help organisations solve their most complex problems, delivering events in MGTaylor style environments (U-Collaborate, Collaboration Hubs, Accelerated Solutions).

For eighteen years and over 700 collaborative decision making workshops Nyk has supported significant transformation programmes in both the public and private sectors, working across most industries including Health, Financial Services and Government.

These are not talk-fests rather collaborative events designed to produce outcomes, decisions, alignment, ownership and actions.

Nyk is a pen collector and uses all his collection to scribe, design and record every day. And it’s rarely in black and white.