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The Art Of Creative & Candid Conversations

You can’t innovate if you don’t collaborate. But who’s got the time? Conflicting priorities and ever-present digital media distractions constantly compete for our attention. When you can manage to get everyone in the same room, or on the same line, it seems most people have their head stuck in a device and we’ve lost the fine art of conversation. So, what can you do to get more creative ideas, whilst effecting learning & change, from the time you can get from your team, no matter where they are.

In our interactive and practical workshop, I will share our approach to generating discovery that creates the safe & collaborative space for deep learning, creativity & meaningful change to occur.

You will learn;

  • Quick & effective ways to get everyone’s attention when they show up
  • Candid & safe ways to engage, inquire, listen & flow through dialogue & debate
  • How to have a great collaborative, creative & candid conversation to positively impact innovation outcomes.

Knowing how to be contrary, provocative & safely disruptive is key to building collaboration & innovation across locations, geographies, internet devices & demographics.

Janet Sernack, PCC

Founder, Chief Katalyst at ImagineNation™

Janet is the founder and Chief Katalyst of ImagineNation™ which provides innovation coaching, education and culture consulting to help businesses open up people to their innovation potential and achieve their innovation goals.

She is an ICF ACC certified executive coach, an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Leadership & Management, a NLP certified presenter, trainer, facilitator and executive coach and has tertiary qualifications in Marketing, Adult Learning and Workplace Assessment and Training.

She has presented on innovation and entrepreneurship topics at the World Business and Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS) Global Women’s Leadership Summit (GWALS), Creativity and Innovation Summit, at Ellen MacArthur’s’ Think Differently Festival, at the Creative Innovation Conference in Australasia. She has also presented at the Coaching without Borders Innovation Workshop in Hungary, at the European Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference in Brussels and at various global ICF Professional Development Programs, and recently at the ISPIM Conference in Melbourne where she lives with her very patient and supportive husband.

On the rare occasions she is not playing, and learning by doing and failing in the innovation space, she is a meditation and yoga devotee, avid reader, global adventurer and primary human carer to three four legged joyful beings.

She blogs regularly and is acknowledged as #12 in the top 20 innovation bloggers of 2017 at Innovation Excellence “the world’s most popular innovation blog” and is one of the Top 50 Innovation Bloggers globally.

Janet aims to lead the way in helping businesses achieve their innovation goals by challenging businesses to be, think and act differently to co-create a world where people matter and innovation is the norm.