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The Diversity Challenge

The evidence is conclusive. Diversity is essential for innovation and improves financial performance.

It is therefore difficult  to understand why diversity and inclusion is still such a challenge for so many organisations.

Our research shows that most big companies have diversity policies with systems designed to make workplaces inclusive. The research also shows  that in many cases they are not effective, for example, the dial has barely moved in increasing minorities in leadership positions globally over the past decade.

Making diversity a reality is about creating workplaces where people feel that they belong, and that they can really be heard to provide the different perspectives  so needed for innovation and leadership.

In this presentation we will  challenge ourselves and explore how we can purposefully overcome the tribal bonds that swathe us to learn to trust, to collaborate and to thrive with a team made up of people who are different to ourselves.

Tess Julian

CEO at Catalyst Exchange

Tess Julian is the CEO of Catalyst Exchange, a sister company of the Hargraves Institute, Australia’s leading community for organisational innovation. Catalyst was established to build innovation and leadership capability and innovation mindset at work.

Tess is particularly interested in the relationship between diversity and innovation. She has designed and currently delivers a worksho p- Stepping Up— Women, Innovation, Leadership which is designed for women in early to mid career. This program demonstrates how innovation can provide opportunities for women to increase visibility, build critical skills and progress and in turn women and other diverse groups contribute to innovation performace.

Catalyst also runs programs to help make innovation and diversity strategies more effective by developing the right mindset and behaviours.

Catalyst works with leading Australian organisations including  TransportNSW Commonwealth Bank, CSR, BGIS, CSIRO, AGL.