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The Robots Are Here: Delivering Practical Innovation With Artificial Intelligence In Insurance

In a world of emerging technologies that have massive potential but aren’t yet proven, how do corporates keep up with the fast-paced, high risk progress of start-ups? Where should they focus their efforts, and how do they deliver progress that ’moves the needle’?

This session will explore TAL’s experience in delivering Machine Learning applications to Life Insurance, including.

  • Structuring innovation for impact – TAL’s Incubator approach
    Focusing on the right use cases
    Successfully implementing AI solutions in the corporate environment
Dan Taylor

General Manager, Innovation at TAL

Dan is General Manager of Innovation at TAL, Australia’s leading specialist Life Insurer, where he leads the innovation team including TAL’s Accelerator, Incubator and Data Lab.

Dan has been at the frontline of corporate innovation for over 15 years, and has developed and launched everything from digital payments technologies to smart home products, and insurance chatbots, and even founded some of his own businesses along the way.

Dan is a published author – The Secrets of Big Business Innovation – with deep expertise in customer-led proposition design and delivering innovation in the corporate environment.