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The Science Of Creativity: Psychology And Neuroscience Insights For Better Ideas And How To Get Leaders To Listen

Why do people have their best ideas in the shower, not at their desks?
Why is it that managers often say they want creativity in public, but then ignore great ideas when staff suggests them.
And what is the best way to enable teams to actually execute on their ideas in a faster, more effective way?

This interactive workshop takes decades worth of groundbreaking scientific discoveries into how creativity actually works in your brain, and condenses it into an informative and energising session giving you the insights you need to develop your creative capabilities and finally make those ideas happen. Everything from why some people find it easy to come up with ideas while others struggle, to how your brain has evolved to reward low-risk decisions, to what activities can help restore long-lost creative ability. This will be a relaxed, interactive session where we will go through numerous case studies and example activities to boost your idea-generation capabilities.

You will learn:

  • How our brains are actually designed to work against creativity, and how to overcome it
  • Why creativity levels drop steadily as we get older, and the simple activities to reverse that trend
  • How to form high-performing creative and innovative teams
  • The hidden biases we are all guilty of which block our best ideas, and how to prevent them from striking
  • How to speak with senior leadership about new ideas so that they listen and are driven to support them

Coming out of the session, you will have a clearer understanding of what makes some people more creative than others, how you can develop your own creativity, and insights & methods to better execute your ideas and deliver more value.

Nick Skillicorn

Founder at IdeatoValue.com

Nick is the founder of www.ideatovalue.com and Improvides Innovation Consulting, and is regarded as one of the world’s premier experts on the science underpinning creativity and how this leads to or prevents breakthrough innovations within companies. He is currently based in Sydney, and is an Innovation subject matter expert and manager at Monitor Deloitte’s Strategy practice. Often listed as one of the world’s best innovation bloggers and thought leaders, he has worked with companies and entrepreneurs around the world to build their innovation capabilities and boost their success rates.