// This is a session at Innov8rs Tel Aviv, 21 February 2018

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Avoid your Kodak Moment - How to Setup for Continuous Innovation

All companies talk about innovation but few have a concrete way of working with it. Ideas can come from anywhere and anyone in an organization. In the future it will not be reserved to a specific department, everyone is responsible for contributing. In this session I will talk about how to create the culture, strategies, tools and processes to make that possible.

Sofie Lindblom

CEO and Co-Founder at Ideation360

Entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, startups and diversity – Sofie Lindblom can, in a very tangible way, explain how you can connect these intangible “buzz words” to create value and take the lead in your industry. Sofie is an innovation expert, lifelong fan of the creative process, tireless promoter of diversity, inclusion and equality, an international speaker, writer, adventure sports lover and hobby DJ.