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Cockpit Innovation

Cockpit is the first airline industry venture fund in the world with the mission to support and invest in entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies in digital travel, aviation and aerospace. As part of the EL AL Group, Cockpit is committed to ventures reinventing air travel through innovation. Over the first 2 years of operations under Henry’s management the fund has expanded its partnership base to include Boeing, JetBlue, Lufthansa and IATA, invested in about 10 startups from 4 different countries that raised over $45M in total, and enabled many POC’s leading to 5 commercial agreements between EL AL and various startups supported by Cockpit.

Henry Chen Weinstein

CEO at Cockpit Innovation

Henry Chen Weinstein founded and is currently managing Cockpit Innovation as part of the EL AL Group.

Henry also serves on the board of AeroCRS, a leading startup in the aviation space with over 50 airlines relying on it’s technology to operate daily.

Henry is focused on breaking innovation barriers, both locally and globally. As part of this mission he founded platforms for entrepreneurship such as Vertical Engine for Tel Aviv University, Hisense, Bezeq, and TLV StartUp Challenge. He also provided strategic advice to corporations in various fields regarding startup innovation, such as Axel Springer, Barclays, Techstars, Pelephone, and others.

He has been involved with product development most of his professional life. As an experienced product manager for almost a decade (private and public sectors) he helped define, scope, develop and implement products in various and diverse industries (From Electro-Optics to Mobile Commerce), driving growth and product success.

He is passionate about catalyzing high impact entrepreneurship by creating unfair advantages for startups at all stages.