// This is a session at Innov8rs Tel Aviv, 21 February 2018

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Corporate Innovation Out On The Edge

Mark Zawacki is a consultant, advisor, professor & researcher based in San Francisco. He is currently co-leading a research initiative on core vs edge innovation and how large multinationals will need to fundamentally rethink their current approach to transformative/strategic innovation.

Mark will share early research results where leading organizations globally have shared their recent experiences with edge innovation models. Participants will learn the organizational roadblocks and cultural barriers to corporate innovation are easier to overcome than they think.

Mark Zawacki

Founder at 650 Labs

Mark has founded two successful strategy consulting firms: Milestone Group (2001) and 650 Labs (2012). He has advised more than 300 clients globally on a myriad of growth and revenue-related initiatives including business strategy, innovation, new product development, acquisition targeting, business and corporate development, alliances/partnering, go-to-market strategies and international expansion. His clients have included Tata, NTT, Microsoft, McDonalds, MasterCard, Cisco, JPMorgan Chase, Intel, SAP, British Home Stores, GSMA, SMART, Volvo, Novartis, AstraZeneca, SITA, Norsk Hydro, Occidental Petroleum, Union Bank of Switzerland, Swisscom, Rabobank, VeriSign and Symantec as well as a number of private equity and venture capital firms.

Prior to 650 Labs and Milestone Group, Mark spent nearly a decade as a strategy consultant with the CSC Index, the strategic management consulting division of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Variously based in Amsterdam, London, Sydney and San Francisco, Mark’s work at CSC Index focused on corporate strategy, organizational change and leveraging technology for business advantage. Mark has consulted in 50+ countries around the world and traveled to more than 70+ countries to date. Mark holds a B.Sc. Marketing from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Rochester, William E. Simon Graduate School of Business.