// This is a session at Innov8rs Tel Aviv, 21 February 2018

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Disruption in the Payments Industry – The Global Players and Israel Market Dynamics

Oded will share the digital disintermediation challenges faced by global leaders in electronic payments, mainly Visa and Mastercard, and case studies of how these corporate giants are addressing these challenges.  He will also provide tangible examples of concrete feasible projects where foreign banks used Tel Aviv start-up technologies to go live with initiatives, in production, helping transform their business.

And he will present, concretely, how innovation and regulation are impacting the Israeli banks and credit cards companies, as well as the dramatic steps they have taken to adjust their business models through digitization and innovative consumer engagement, in a way that is changing national market dynamics.

Oded Salomy

CEO at Fintivity

For nearly a decade Oded Salomy led Visa’s innovation activities in Tel Aviv, helping banks worldwide work with local start-up technologies.  During this period he also managed Visa’s core business in Israel and Malta, growing card volumes and driven by the numbers.  Formerly a startup entrepreneur in the field of mobile payments and alternative media, Oded brings unique perspective that combines disruptive thinking with an understanding of business fundamentals, running corporate P&Ls and results oriented initiatives that focus on making the numbers work, alongside corporate innovation.

Fintivity was founded to meet the needs of corporate entities and banks seeking to address their innovation challenges through collaboration with early stage start-ups and technologies, with a focus on Fintech in Tel Aviv.  Oded leads Fintivity as its CEO.