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From Passion to Investment. How SAP Employees Decided to Hack People Management and Got Funded

How do you see your ideal workplace? Did you know vast majority of employees leave because of their manager? For the great manager employees might skip higher payment proposal by your competitor. A small group of SAP employees decided to apply technology and behavioral psychology to a team management and make every manager better people manager.

Join to hear the story of their passion and how they were able to secure seed funding from corporate intrapreneurship program and learn what makes dev manager a great people manager.

Vitaly Vainer

Co-Founder Dabra by SAP.io

Vitaly is GM and co-founder of Dabra, venture incubated by SAP.io, where he hacks people management for dev managers. He is more than 20 years in the industry with entrepreneurial, technology & product leadership experience in startups and multinationals. Avid marathon runner, father of 3 boys and addicted to space and science reading.