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Hacking a Change – a Story of Hackathon and Innovation Cultural Change

One of the main challenges in corporate innovation is designing innovation activities that manage to touch a nerve and initiate a continuous cultural change. Tailoring innovation activities to the local organizational culture holds the promise of generating quick wins that starts a change process. In this presentation we will share our experience in doing just that.

Elbit’s innovation strategy is based on the concept of innovation change leaders that operate at the division level. One of our division started more than a year ago a LEAD initiative in which the entire engineering force switch to a kind of an agile process with a planning period of 3 month. We proposed to add a hackathon to the planning phase (2 week) of each quarter and use that to generate some of the ‘enablers’ funded each quarter. By syncing with an existing, quarterly based organizational process we were able to generate a series of events, small in size and with focused results and get to the point where both the business lines and the engineering teams now own the process and the innovation team just provides facilitation.

Gil Benesh

Technologies and HMD System Engineering Group Manager at Elbit Systems, Aerospace Division

Gil is the Technologies and HMD system engineering group manager, specializing in optical systems, micro-displays and accompanied technologies. In addition, Gil is the Aerospace division innovation leader. Prior to that, Gil served as a Technical manager in several R&D projects in the HMD and wearable display division and established the Micro-Display group. Gil was one of the co-founders of Oree Planar Lighting, a startup that was a pioneer in the large display LED backlighting and general lighting.

Gil holds a B.Sc. in Physics and Optical Engineering, and a M.Sc. in Physics and System Engineering, both from the Technion.