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IE Rockets and Corporate Innovation in the Era of Scale Up Entrepreneurship

Attendees of the IE Business School workshop will get a double-ticket on content, with Lucia Figar, Chief of Corporate Innovation and Ventures and Chairwoman the IE Rockets project, and with renowned IE professor of Entrepreneurship Joe Haslam, and the entire workshop session will be moderated by Joël McConnell, IE’s Director for Europe and Central Asia.

Part I: Practical Approach to Corporate Innovation: IE Rockets Project

In a nutshell, IE Rockets connects Ed Tech entrepreneurs with a top business school that has built a position around being a center for the founding and development of new ventures; helps them refine their concept; and at the completion of their time in the acceleration program, could even become a first customer. So in short, IE Rockets is part accelerator, part angel investor, part very committed educational client.

Part II: Corporate Innovation and the New Era of Scale Up Entrepreneurship with Joe Haslam

Apart from some exceptions, the results for corporate-startup collaboration have been generally disappointing. However there is hope and it comes from two independent developments which Joe Haslam believes will bring Startup founders and Corporate Innovators together in a mutually beneficial way.

The first of these is a better understanding of the scale-up, the fast growing part that comes after a startup identifies a Product Market Fit. The second trend is that the pendulum has swung from the small to the big. The new opportunities lie with exponential technologies like AI, Robotics, 3D Printing and Synthetic Biology. This is not technology that can be developed by four techies in a garage. Furthermore, they require much more specialized talent, the kind that only a few universities produce.

Already we are seeing scaleup entrepreneurs partner with corporate innovation teams who can speak one another´s language. We are at the cusp of a new era, the New Era of Scale Up Entrepreneurship where Corporate Innovation is at the table from the start, not outside trying to get in.

Lucia Figar

Chief of Corporate Innovation and New Ventures at IE Business School

Joe Haslam

IE Business School Professor, Founder, and Techstars Alumnus.

About Lucia Figar, Chief of Corporate Innovation and New Ventures at IE Business School

In addition to her overarching role at IE and leading internal corporate innovation efforts, she is also the Chairwoman of the IE Rockets program.  Additionally, she’s an active Endeavor Mentor and graduate of IE Business School’s top-ranked Global Executive MBA.  And that’s not all, as prior to coming to IE she was both the Minister of Education for the Madrid Regional Government, and the Secretary General for Social Affairs, within the Ministry of Labour, Government of Spain.

About Joe Haslam, IE Business School Professor, Founder, and Techstars Alumnus

Joe Haslam is a Professor at IE Business School in Madrid, the number three business school in Europe in the 2017 Financial Times ranking of European Business Schools.

In addition to his general teaching responsibilities at IE, he is the Executive Director of the Owners Scaleup Program (OSP), a two week Executive Education program designed for founders in fast growing companies who want to scale. Additionally, he delivers the IE Exponential Learning course “From Startup to Scaleup”, a program that is delivered 100% online and  where participants learn by watching short videos with targeted messages as well as longer interviews with IE Alumni and Professors. In the MBA program, he teaches an elective called “Scaling Up Your Startup”.  He is currently writing a book titled “The Scale-up Checklist: How To Successfully Manage Growth”, along with co-author and fellow IE Professor Daniel Corsten.

About half of Joe´s time is spent outside the classroom. He is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Hot Hotels the first startup founded in Spain to be accelerated by the Techstars program in the USA (Boston, 2015). He has cofounded a number of other companies including Marrakech.com which raised over $75m in Venture Capital and scaled to 250 people. He also has experience in video gaming with Electronic Arts, online security with Panda Security and management consulting with Perot Systems. Born in Ireland, Joe has lived in Madrid for the last 14 years.