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If Only Teva Knew What Teva Knows - Sharon Fireman (TEVA)

Crowdsourcing is part of open innovation trend in which more and more organizations are adapting to accelerate innovation, solve challenges and inspire ideation processes.

Many large cooperate today have pockets of expertise and knowledge scattered across locations, sites and different teams. In such organizations internal crowdsourcing is a powerful method to channel ideas and share best practices among company’s own employees. Moreover, the method stimulates and empowers employees by giving them the platform and opportunity to be creative, collaborative and lead the way in and beyond their BU.

“If only Teva knew what Teva knows” is a creative initiative that harnessed more than 1,150 brilliant R&D minds to overcome a painful development challenge, demonstrating the power of collective wisdom with clear ROI.

Sharon Fireman

Corporate Development: Crowd Innovation at TEVA

Sharon has 10 years’ pharmaceutical industry experience in both startup & corporate organizations. She served as Director of Project Management at Teva’s generic R&D and until recently she led RISE CHALLENGE, an open innovation platform aims to find novel solutions to patients unmet needs.

Sharon holds Ph.D, in Chemistry and MBA, she is mother of three kids and was part of Teva’s women’s Triathlon team.