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“Minding the Gap”: Successful Startup-Corporate Partnership in the UAS Industry

Traditionally, corporates are used to develop their own technological assets and innovations and even more so in the UAS industry.

Today’s ecosystem of startups, especially in unmanned systems – drones, robotics, sensors and autonomy – is growing exponentially with new technologies, capabilities, ideas and innovations that appear daily in the commercial market.

How should corporates deal with this new trend? Is it a threat or an opportunity? What should be the common goal? What are successful partnership models? How to create deal flow and how should corporates prepare to an era where accepting startup innovation becomes a strategic advantage?

IAI, as a global leader in the UAS market, recognizes this trend and has gained unique experience with working with startup companies and with incorporating startup technologies in its advanced products.

The presentation will address the changes in the UAS market, challenges that large corporates face when dealing with startups and possible solutions to bridge the culture and business gaps between corporate and startup for successful partnership, with case studies, examples and lessons learned.

Nir Tel Oren

Director, UAS R&D Projects, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Nir Tel-Oren is a senior R&D director at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Military Aircraft Group (MAG). Nir holds a B.Sc. in computer engineering and an MBA degree. He has served in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) as a helicopter pilot for 22 years, and also led significant C4I programs at the IAF development center.

Nir held several key positions in various defense industries in Israel, and since 2003 in IAI as lead architect of advanced mission systems and business development for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and C4ISR systems. He currently leads RPAS R&D projects and new technologies development for RPAS solutions.