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My Innovation: Empowering All Cisco Employees to Innovate

This use case covers the story of “My Innovation” and most importantly some of our learnings from year one and year two.

“My Innovation” is one of the pillars of Cisco’s People Deal and it has the ambitious goal to empower all our employees to innovate everywhere and at any time.

“My Innovation” is quite unique as every year it engages close to 50% of the Cisco employees, meaning more than 30’000 people.

Mathilde Durvy

Innovation Program Lead at Cisco

Dr. Mathilde Durvy is Innovation Program Lead at Cisco’s Chief Strategy Office. She is leading “My Innovation” an initiative to empower every Cisco employee to innovate and make a meaningful difference. “My Innovation” provides vehicles for innovative ideas to emerge, be heard, and ultimately become a reality. It aims to create a culture were collaboration, risk taking, failing fast, and making a meaningful difference is rewarded.

Mathilde joined Cisco in 2008. During her first 3 years at Cisco, Mathilde led the Internet of Things activities for Cisco’s Corporate Development Technology Group. In particular, she is the co-author of µIPv6, an open-source IPv6 stack small enough to fit on highly constrained devices such as sensors. She also chaired the IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance interoperability committee, and participated in early smart-grid pilots in Europe. For the next 3 years, Mathilde’s focus switched to creating and developing Cisco’s patent intelligence offering, enabling Cisco to extract strategic insights from the vast amount of patent data.

Before joining Cisco, Mathilde was a research assistant at EPFL (“Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne”) working on multi-hop, ad hoc, wireless networks. Mathilde holds a PhD in Wireless Communication from EPFL. She published at top IEEE conferences such as INFOCOM.