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Ready... Set…. Sprint! How Amdocs Leads Innovation Faster Than Ever

“Running” innovation is not fast enough anymore – We all know that businesses are moving faster than ever. That phenomenon creates an interesting paradox – in this pace innovation is more important than ever, but we have even less time to practice it.  One strategy to resolve this paradox in through the practice of well-designed and fast paced innovation sprints. Join this session to take an inside look into the innovation best practices of Amdocs, and learn how combining Hothousing, Launchpad’s and lean startup can help you mature your ideas faster than ever, supporting decision makers to choose the right ideas – in record time!

Shachaf Snir

Innovation Business Lead at Amdocs Technology – Innovation Unit

Meet Shachaf Snir…

  • 9 years of experience in leading Innovation management and organizational consulting.
  • Holds the position of Global Innovation Business Lead at the innovation program at Amdocs.
  • Creating the innovation center of excellence methodologies and best practices, and working with business units across Amdocs in tackling their business challenges through the practice of innovation, including:
  • Development of product, service and business model innovation.
  • Formulation of organizational processes and best practice that supports innovation execution.
  • Working with Amdocs customers in tackling their business challenges, building relationships and collaboration in the process.
  • A retired professional chef and a proud father of 2 amazing little girls.