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A Tale of Corporate Open Innovation through a Technology Incubator

Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest defense electronics corporate. This talk will describe our experience in implementing Open Innovation by setting up and running a technology incubator. Our incubator operates as part of the IIA program and implement a unique model in which a corporate engages with deep-tech startups in more ways than just funding and equity.

We will review the model, our experience and some anecdotes on how this model creates value for both our startups and the corporate.

Ran Bar-Sella

Co-Founder and CEO at Incubit Technology Ventures

Ran is a co-founder and CEO of Incubit Technology Ventures – Elbits systems Open Innovation Technology Incubator and leads Elbit corporate innovation. Ran is a seasoned technology expert with experience in leading innovation in small and big organizations. Prior to leading Incubit Ran served as the CTO of Elbit System’s UAS division, as VP R&D at Trig Medical, established the Machine Vision Algorithm and DSP SW team for PEEK Traffic and served as senior researcher for Net2Wireless, a startup company in the field of communication solutions for wireless carriers.  Ran spent time working as a freelance consultant offering technology evaluation, competitive analysis, IP portfolio analysis and algorithm development. He was also a Co-Founder and board member at IARD.

Ran holds a B.Sc. EE cum laude and a M.Sc. EE, both from the Technion.