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How to Create a Portfolio That Has the Greatest Impact for Your Organization

It takes a lot of effort to push any new innovation out to commercialization; the Initiative has to be worth the effort. Discover proven techniques used to quantify and score early innovations to weed out the duds and push forward the most impactful programs.

Lorrie Vogel

Former Vice President of Material Sciences and Innovation at Nike. Founder of ImagineNOW

Lorrie is the founder of ImagineNOW Inc. – a consultancy that accelerates innovation by using the power of design thinking, leveraging over 25 years of innovation, design and sustainability expertise.

Lorrie enjoyed a 21-year career at Nike, as a recognized global leader bringing innovation to all facets of Nike’s products as well as shaping the future of the apparel and footwear industry as the VP of Nike’s Material Science and Innovation. Lorrie has received several honors throughout her career. In early 2011 she was named by the Oregon Museum of Science as one of the top 12 innovators, holding over 20 utility patents. She was the co-creator of GreenXchange which debuted at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2010. Lead the Regional WEF discussion on Sustainable Consumption in India 2010.

In 2007 She was named to Fast Company’s Fast 50, the magazine’s annual compilation of innovative companies and the “incubators of genius”. Her Sustainable Design Work has been recognized in several publications; “Strategies for Sustainable Design” (Adam Worbach), “Green to Gold” (Dan Estby), “Macrowikinomics” (Tapscott), and as an M.I.T. Case Study. Lorrie continues to be a frequent presenter at universities and is a celebrated keynote speaker for symposiums such as PopTech, Back End Innovation, and Design Management Institute’s Annual Conference.